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Barry K. Brown grew up in New York City overlooking Central Park; and in Connecticut.  When young, his close friend and inspiration was J.D. Salinger, who lived in the Brown’s Connecticut guesthouse during part of the time he was writing Catcher in the Rye.

         Brown later became a writer, filmmaker, photographer, and sculptor in welded steel.  At eighteen he wrote, directed, and photographed his first film while living in France.

         After graduating from MIT with a SB in Aeronautical Eng., Brown became a Lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps and directed training films all over the US.  Considered the only feature film director to have graduated from MIT, he is a member of the Director’s & Writer’s Guilds of America, and the NY Actors Studio.

         He then created his own NY film company, Brillig Productions, Inc. and made over four hundred and fifty commercials and thirty-five documentaries, many for Fortune 500 Companies.  His film work, known throughout the world, has won over a hundred awards and his commercials are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NY.

         Brown has restored and successfully raced 1960’s Cobras, Cooper F-1 racers, Lotus and Lamborghini cars, started a company that builds high-performance SUVs, raised Japanese Shibas, and created an important Japanese wood block collection.  He is a commercial, multi-engine and aerobatic pilot, one-time bicycle and ski racer and college fencer.  Using aerodynamic principles, he creates large sculptures that move in the slightest wind.   He continues to write screenplays and make documentaries.

         His younger sister, Hilda, a psychic healer, painter and novelist, lives in Arizona.  Fascination with the mind, and the way humanity connects to the universal subconscious, permeates his work.

         Brown directed and produced two feature screenplays he has written, “The Way We Live Now,” and the cult flying film, “Cloud Dancer,” starring David Carradine and Jennifer O’Neil.  One screenplay became a Movie of the Week, starring Victoria Principal that he also produced.

         Brown lives in Santa Rosa Valley and Pacific Palisades, California. He is writing his second novel about a writer who was abused by a Catholic Priest in his childhood, and non-fiction books on Identity Theft and legal injustice, and researching his third novel set in the world of Formula One Racing.

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