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Flight - Birds of Steel

I have worked on and restored automobiles since I was a teenager -- so addicted that I welcomed it when something broke.  I raced from my early 20s, until in my 30s I became so involved in films I had time for nothing else.  Then after my film, "Cloud Dancer” failed to be released nationally, I soothed my frustration by actively restoring fast 60s race cars -- the kind I could never afford, or have the skill to drive in the day.  When that ended I needed something to do with my hands and the metal working skills I had so painfully learned.  Seven years ago I woke one morning and saw a completed sculpture, moving in the wind, created from cold rolled steel rods and 1/8 inch sheet.  They continue to evolve and now I am creating a series -- of each including large "Stabile's” that will move less responsively to the wind.