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“Barry Brown has written a novel of overwhelming power. His subject, the private, secret story of the sexual abuse of children. He shows just how many veils must be shed before the truth becomes possible for the victim to confront. The story is about trauma and recovery, and upon reading it, we experience both the terrible pain and the glorious redemption. There is truth in every word, every phrase, every sentence. The book excites and uplifts. We are in the hands of a master of story telling.”

Peter A. Rawley
Head of International, ICM for 15 years
Executive at MGM
President of CMA International, 1966-1972


Backlight is a masterful epic poem in the form of prose. Not since Dickens' “Oliver Twist” has there been such an expose and insight into the insidious intricacies and effects of child abuse. Backlight is a reality based novel which not only provides contemporary context to this existential problem, but also captivates the reader with its plot and characters, culminating in a message of hope and inspiration.”

John Kertisz
Poet Laureate Emeritus, Venice CA


“Barry Brown has lived every emotion he writes about, and this gives him knowledge and integrity seldom encountered in a novel. Backlight is a page-turning mystery, an exposé of the evil that often lurks at the heart of the best families, and an ultimately uplifting exploration of therapeutic healing. It is an act of courage by a brilliant new writer that will appeal to a broad and enthusiastic audience.”

Daniel Tamkus
Author of The Much Honored Man (Doubleday), and The Spawn (Dell)


“Barry Brown's novel, Backlight, a powerful, beautiful and deeply felt story, tackles the extremely important subject of severe and chronic childhood sexual abuse. Because it is based on true events, he is able to show the profoundly damaging effects of abuse on adult life and offer real hope of healing and freedom from a troubled and traumatic past.”

Julie Motz
Internationally known Energy Healer; author of Hands of Life (Random House)


“Barry's moving novel of courage and redemption, about a young man much like himself, speaks to the one in three that has been abused—that is, millions of souls desperate for validation of their own journeys through childhood hells of physical, emotional, and sexual torture. For years his dogged determination to seek help from therapists, some incompetent, some brilliant, led Barry to personal freedom from the memories that haunted, isolated him, and prevented him from releasing his artistic ability. He has achieved this in Backlight.”

Dolores Clark
MA, MFT (Marriage, Family Therapist)
RCST® (Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist)

Psychotherapist for 30 years, Hypnotherapist for 28 years, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist for 10 years, Therapist and trainer of Therapists, specializing in adult and child therapy for recovery from emotional and sexual abuse, releasing stresses from pre-birth, birth, and childhood trauma.

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