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The Backlight Panel will be available to appear on TV and Radio all over the U.S., either together or individually.  We will address necessary national changes in the statute of limitations laws for child abuse and legal acceptance of “adult recovered memory” as evidence.  After considering hundreds of cases involving the Catholic Church, the NY Appeals Court has asked the legislature to make changes in the statutes applying to child abuse, based on a trial involving Henry Luce II’s daughter and grandchild.  This sensational case will be ongoing this year.
Additionally, we will provide an informative national internet seminar about the newest and most successful methods for healing child abuse.  This is a neglected area that has received little attention.  Victims of child abuse cannot be healed by denial, by burying what happened or referring the abuse to others than responsible parents.  The abuse lives on physically in the victim’s cells—and is most often resistant to verbal therapy.
Healing is aided by coming out in public—an act that is often attacked.  Coming out encourages others who may have been abused to help themselves.  We wish to encourage a national climate of truth and awareness.  Abuse will be discouraged when abusers realize they can no longer operate in secrecy.
Speaking out about injustice to abused children will promote the book.  Press will arise from the good and necessary work we do.  Barry Brown, a survivor, will also speak and travel individually, but having two women healers, at least, on our panel will make it harder to attack the groundbreaking therapy described in the book.  There will be those who don’t want to face their own abuse and will seek to bury it.  Some may be interviewers and/or reviewers.  Others may defend the huge investment therapists have in ineffective treatment methods.
Barry Brown will be on the panel as will Hilda Brown (his sister, a well known healer who lives in Scottsdale).  Hilda has written a devastating potential bestselling memoir based on personal journals and diaries made since she was ten.
Dolores Clark, an eminent therapist in San Francisco with 30 years experience, will be with us when she can.  She is a long time practitioner and qualified in Craniosacral and EMT therapies, skilled at deflecting attacks and making an audience comfortable with the idea of facing their past and healing it.
The Panel will always have on it a therapist experienced in non-verbal treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For example, Dr. Peter Levine, author of Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma (North Atlantic Books), who is a famous expert on PTSD and healing with non-verbal therapy.  See his web site “Foundation for Human Enrichment” at, for a complete explanation.  His work was incorporated into the healer in Backlight.
Our panel will focus on getting television appearances on daily shows like the NBC morning show.  Perhaps, because we will have two or three women on the panel, we can interest Oprah.  There are a dozen TV talk shows for women, which should welcome us.  Almost everyone hosting them has been abused and many have written about it.
Somatic healing methods, provided by competently trained healers, work.  We will bring such healers and their therapies before the public. Where possible we will demonstrate these dramatic healing methods on prominent hosts and/or celebrities in public.
To coincide with the release of the book, Barry Brown is making a feature length, academy award eligible, documentary, "The Backlight Chronicles."  As a film director/producer, Brown has made over 35 documentaries, garnering him several prestigious awards. (See Barry Brown’s credits.)
The film will include “one hundred testimonies,” interviews with abuse victims, famous and not, brain experts, Craniosacral and EMT (Eye Movement Therapy) therapists, psychoanalysts, legislators, lawyers and judges.  NY State Senator Tom Dowd, a leading advocate for reform of abuse statutes, will appear.  Many US Senators are favorable to these changes and should be willing to appear.
The film will demonstrate Craniosacral and EMT therapy being performed, and we’ll learn about alternative healing methods from experts.  There is real hope once victims realize that ineffective talk therapy is not the only course.  We will meet leading teachers and innovators and their recovering patients.
Either a celebrity or a well-known healer will be the narrator and guide through the learning process and use his or her personal experience to illustrate.  Dr. Peter Levine is a possibility, since he is world-renowned and has actual physical experience in healing trauma.
We’ll interview legislators, perhaps a Supreme Court Judge, perhaps Bill Clinton, an abuse victim.  Stars like Teri Hatcher and Marie Osmond should be willing to appear. Well-known authors have written about abuse.  Some who have been attacked for writing about it will appear.  Many famous people have been abused and should join us in a national film referendum.
The film can be ready in 6-9 months.  We have an active foundation set up and a professional fund-raiser, to raise the seed money to finance our beginning efforts.  Once we start we can make a deal with a cable entity to release the film and arrange a theatrical release.
Experts will be available to demonstrate therapy on air.  Matt Lauer could experience Cranio or EMT on NBC in the morning.  Rosie would be galvanized by it, as would Ellen Degeneris.  We will, of course, make a pitch to Oprah first, giving her the opportunity to debut the life-changing therapy on her show.  Cranio is dramatic, safe and even in public will make a strong therapeutic impression.
We propose to stage “town hall meetings” in major cities around the country, which would be advertised in local newspapers.  Abuse victims have had little voice.  This would be a call for hundreds, perhaps thousands, to come forth and speak publicly with a panel of experts on healing child-abuse by changing state and federal laws to make it more difficult to avoid prosecution.  As things stand now, unless it turns violent, there is virtually no punishment for parents who sexually abuse their children within the confines of their own home.
Associations already created to aid victims of the Catholic Church stand ready to assist by offering to tell their truth.  There are as many as 35,000 known victims of Catholic Priest abuse.  Lawyers work feverishly to keep intact obsolete Statue of Limitations laws to protect Church property.
We propose to film these meetings and incorporate them into our feature-length documentary.  The public does not realize that perhaps as many as a third to a half of the people in this country have been abused before their late teens.  We see it endlessly on television, and read about it, but by bringing victims and those that have suffered alongside them together in a film, and in public meetings, we can dramatize the extent of the problem.
Alice Miller’s book, The Drama of the Gifted Child, became an international best seller along with her other books, because therapists recommended them to their clients.  At the time she wrote there was no such thing as a therapeutic book for professionals that could also be read by patients.
We propose to ask for the endorsement of professional therapeutic associations for Backlight, as a book that could help recovering victims of a child abuse.  It is readable, encouraging and provides hope as an authentic story of one man’s recovery.

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